A Salute To Conshohocken’s Own Battery "C”

They Were Something Special

On January 21, 1941, it was a mild, sunny day as eighty-eight members of Conshohocken’s Battery "C” lined up outside their Company’s headquarters located at 918 Maple Street.  The soldiers marched up Ninth Avenue to Fayette Street, and a parade led by Betty Colburn, a drum majorette and the Conshohocken High School Band marched down Fayette street toward the train station, with a crowd of thousands of residents and schoolchildren cheering them on.

Conshohocken’s Battery "C” mustered into the Pennsylvania National Guard on October 28, 1940, more than a year before the United States became involved in World War 11.   Battery "C” of the 1st Howitzer Battalion of the 166th Artillery left the Conshohocken train station for Camp Shelby Mississippi, and didn’t return for five years.

The men spent two years in Mississippi and then went to Camp Blanding in Flordia and later to Fort Gordon and finally to Fort Dix in New Jersey.  Once the men of Battery "C” left the states, they headed to North Africa, crossed the Mediterranean Sea to Italy and then engaged in some of the worst fighting of the war.  Battery "C” moved onto southern France, arriving on D-Day, August 15, 1944.  The men later went on to Germany and Austria before the war finally ended.

Perhaps one of the highlights for the men of Battery "C” was their part in taking out the bridge on the Rhine.  Battery "C” was part of the 938th Field Artillery’s C Company and Company A of the 630th Tank Destroyers.  After more than six hours of heavy fire, the bridge went down.  The west span had been blown from its main support and was a twisted heap of steel littering the river below.

By July 1945, after fifty-six months the final members of Battery "C returned home; 12 members of the unit lost their lives during combat in Europe.  In 1944 alone it was reported that Conshohocken had more than 1600 residents serving in the military including more than two dozen females.  At wars end 32 Conshohocken residents lost their lives in battle, West Conshohocken sacrificed ten residents.

(The above information was taken from the book (Remembering Conshohocken & West Conshohocken)

A Memorial Plaque located at the Conshohocken War Memorial located at West Second Avenue and Fayette Street, Honor’s the members of Conshohocken and West Conshohocken’s Battery "C.”

The plaque reads:
A memorial dedicated to the men of Battery C, 166th Field Artillery, Conshohocken and West Conshohocken Who served our country in World War Two

Robert S. Barger                         William J. McDonnell

George D. Barr                             Thomas J. McGuire

John C. Beck                                  John B. Mcllvane

Michael J. Bosco*                         Harold McQuirns

John A. Bowe                                Joseph A. Murphy

Vincent J. Burns                            John M. Murray

Arthur F. Campbell                      Michael A. Narkiewicz

James J. Campbell                       Joseph J. Orzech

Joseph W. Carnwath                  Anthony M. Pettine

John D. Cook                                John J. Quillman*

Ralph J. Coshin                             Ellwood J. Rahm*

Pearson C. Cummin, Jr.              Howard E. Read

Frank D. D’Angelo                       Arthur V. Richardson

Albert W. Dutill                           Edward F. Rivinus, Jr.

George W. Elkins, Jr.                   William J. Ronan

George T. Farrell                          Anthony V. Ronca

Maurice P. Felton, Jr.                 Adam A. Selvoski

Vincent A. Flocco                        Raymond F. Shemanski

Stanley F. Gamel*                      Benjamin J. Shimer

Joseph F. Gannon*                    Clarence W. Slater, Jr.

Robert C. Getchell                     Harold M. Slee

John H. Godfrey                          Mahlon W. Sowers

Thomas T. Grzywacz                 William A. Spangler

Joseph F. Horn                            George K. Staub

Henry W. Hylinski                      Samuel L. Steinberg

Thomas B. Johnson                   Walter T. Stevenson

John M. Johnstone                    Robert L. Sulzner

Elmer J. Kline                               Frank A. Sztubinski

Frederick A. Kline                       James A. Towson

Martin M. Kohn                         Leonard J. Travaline

Joseph W. Kordek                     Saul A. Wallace

John H. Kunda                            William M. Weaver, Jr.

Henry E. Lang*                           Charles A. Weber

Richard A. Leroy                        Vincent W. Weber

Adam J. Lewandowski*            Martin J. Weiss

Chester A. Lewandowdki*       James J. Williams

Eric J. Loader                              Arthur M. Wood

John J. Mackiewicz*                  Walter J. Wyrembek

Watsie Majsiak                            Alpjonse A. Zalic*

John J. Maziarz                            *KILLED IN ACTION